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Image Editor - consistent DALL·E 3 photo generator GPT

About this GPT

Generate images, then improve the ones you like most, using DALL·E 3.

• Write all the image details & generate: image is generated with id ABCDEF.

• To quickly improve a generated image (with id ABCDEF): just copy its prompt & write id: ABCDEF, prompt: "[paste previous prompt]." (add another dot at the end of the new prompt, each time). Or, instead of a ".", you can add any other symbol, like "?" or "!".

• To fix hands or tiny changes, instead of adding a symbol, just replace a symbol (from the previous prompt) with another (like replace "." with "?").

• To make big changes, add/change/delete words in the prompt.

• To continue generating similar images, rename the chat to something easy to remember. You can archive it and restore it from Settings later. If you delete the chat, you will no longer be able to generate very similar images later.

• To generate images that are not similar, just write the prompt for the new image (do not include the id of a generated image).

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