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Logo & icon - DALL·E 3 image generator & precise editor GPT

About this GPT

Generate consistent logos and icons with DALL·E 3, but with precision.

• Write all the details of the logo or icon, like:

& generate.


• Start from the 4 examples bellow for different styles, and change the text as needed.

• To make precise adjustments: copy prompt & add/change/remove words & generate again (ex: the first sample logo above was generated by writing the first sample prompt, the other 5 logos were generated by changing only one word each time).

• To fix hands or improve the generated image: copy prompt & add more symbols (like "." or "?" or "!") at the end. For tiny changes, just replace a symbol with another (like replace "." with "?").

• To continue generating images with this character later, rename the chat to something like "IC: character name". You can archive it and restore it from Settings later. If you delete the chat, you will no longer be able to generate images with this character.

• To generate another character, just start a new chat with this GPT.

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